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The Dunny Seat

NUNNY's OUTBACK and other tales
Picturing the outback in ways you could never imagine!

Who is Nunny?

Jamie Nunn was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1970. He spent his early years in Bunbury but moved back to Perth in 1978 and considers himself a “Belmont Boy”. After doing worse than he should have in high school, Jamie worked various factory jobs until going to Uni and getting a degree in Biology. He met his wife there and it has been said that he is punching above his weight.

When they moved to Mt Barker in 1998 and started a family, it was time to get a real job. Jamie completed a teaching diploma and started teaching Science in Mt Barker in 2002. He returned to Bunbury in 2013 and lives there with his wife and three children.

Apart from teaching and writing, Jamie travels north every year collecting native seed for land rehabilitation.

Nunny, the author of Dunny Views
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